Artist Statement

Across That Place Once

The visual images I create have to do with mapping. I explore human connections (to the self, others, the environment). Using thread, ink, graphite, paint or encaustic (bees wax), I make whole or partial pathways, often blocked or hazardous, through the abstract landscape, waterscape, and mindscape. This work draws on the poetic nature of art, harkening to romanticism. It links to domesticity through its materials and process. Ultimately, I want the work to be informed by human interaction and connection, to suggest a map of where we are and have been in time and space as well as to what we have felt before and which now may be hidden or lost.

For almost two decades, my artistic practice has discussed light and space, it has discussed art and its making. It has addressed the issue of how to portray interior and exterior human connections through painting and drawing, and sometimes sculpture. In contemporary society, we often are disconnected from our intellect and our bodies, from each other and our environment, so much so that we are unaware of the power and importance of these connections to our very survival. Consequently, the emotional and psychological challenge in my work is to visually describe these connections through the compositional elements of form, line, color, surface, and gesture. Just as these concepts are abstract, my work, whether 2-dimensional or 3, is also non-objective, usually consisting of abstract forms on various grounds.

My intention is that the viewer brings her or his own experiences, memories, or curiosity to this work, to follow the pathways and perhaps reach his/her own destination.